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Our Stories

The mission of Hope On Wheels is to help kids fight cancer. We do so by funding innovative research, creating public awareness, stimulating social media conversation and serving as a thought leader.

The Patients and Doctors We Support

Every day in September, we will be highlighting a new childhood cancer patient or doctor to hear their stories of courage and hope. Each of these individuals and their families inspire us to continue to find ways to support pediatric cancer research. We encourage you to watch each of these stories and to go learn more about what you can do to help. What we do together, saves lives.

Get A Handprint
At Your Local Dealership

Hyundai dealers are committed to serving their local communities by leading in the fight to end childhood cancer. The dedication can be seen in no greater way than in their commitment to helping us fund research. With the sale of every new vehicle, a donation is made to Hyundai Hope On Wheels. Find your local dealers to learn more about their hand in the fight to end childhood cancer and how you can help.



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