Together We Can Rise Above These Tough Times

These past few weeks have been rough for us all. Life as we know it has paused for a moment as we handle one of the biggest challenges in our lifetimes.

As many continue to fight for those we love, we all play a part in realizing that right now minutes are precious and every day matters.

How Hope Works

Through no fault of their own, cancer strikes at a time when kids just want to be kids. They have dreams, goals and so much to contribute.

Hyundai and its U.S. dealers created Hyundai Hope On Wheels in 1998. From the sale of every new vehicle, a donation is made to fight cancer. To date, more than $170 million and over 800 research grants has gone to support research at Children’s Hospitals across the nation.


Meet Our Ambassadors

Meet Carter and Elizabeth, our 2018-2019 National Youth Ambassadors. Every two years, Hope On Wheels selects two brave pediatric cancer survivors to represent the program as National Youth Ambassadors. Carter and Elizabeth will join Hope On Wheels in our mission to fight childhood cancer and will travel around the US visiting children’s hospitals and attending events to tell their stories of courage and hope.

Awarded Hospitals

Hyundai Hope On Wheels awards grants in four categories to researchers at eligible Children’s Oncology Group member institutions.
In 2020, we will be presenting more than $15 Million in pediatric cancer research grants to hospitals across the United States.

Hyundai Scholar Hope Grant

  • $300,000 2-year Research Award
  • Competitively Selected for Translational Research
  • 30 – 2019 Winners

Hyundai Young Investigators Grant

  • $200,000 2-Year Research Award
  • Competitively Selected for Innovative Research
  • 20 – 2019 Winners

Hyundai Impact Grant

  • $50,000 1-Year Programmatic Award
  • Selected by Area Dealers
  • 25 – 2019 Winners

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