Sasha Horton - Photo Album

How pediatric cancer has affected me? The day before my daughter was diagnosed was the best day. The day her port was put in and Shen survived surgery was the best day. The day the port was removed, yep, another best day. The day she was diagnosed was a rollercoater rode into hell. Fast forward to today. She is in a medical grade pull-up because of damage the chemo did to her colon and intestines. She has extreme hyperactivity. She has short-term memory loss. She’s alive and singing and playing and Her love and awesomeness shows every day. She wakes up every morning ready to go and get to class in 1st grade. How does cancer affect me? I see my girl struggle with confidence and gets embarrassed quite often because of her soiling issues. I see the fear in her eyes when we go to clinic for checkups or the tears in her eyes when she needs blood drawn. No one can ever be prepared for this or ready to hear those words from an oncologist team “your daughter has cancer”. That’s how it affects me.