Jessica Warrick-Imrisek - Photo Album

My daughter, Ryleigh, was diagnosed with a brain tumor at 13 months old. She had an Anaplastic Grade III Ependymoma. The tumor was removed and she underwent 6 weeks of proton radiation more than 400 miles from our home. During her treatment, we stayed at the RMH house with about 20 other families that also had children fighting cancer. They were amazing. Their bravery and resiliency was inspiring during what was a terrifying and traumatic situation. I was in awe at the medical care team, that faced sick children everyday and were able to bring hope and happy memories to this experience. Today, Ryleigh is 6 years old and has been cancer free for more than 5 years. I was so inspired by the children and the medical team, that I wanted to change careers. Last year I started medical school, so that I can one day bring hope and comfort to families facing the cancer beast. Ryleigh is pictured with me celebrating passing the first semester of medical school and receiving a white coat.