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In 2010 our youngest grandson was diagnosed with a rare pediatric cancer called AT/RT. At the time of diagnosis doctors said he was terminal. We were devastated! After 6 months of experimental treatments Declan lost his short battle 8 days before his first birthday. As the numbness wore off and the anger set in we started to research childhood cancer and were dismayed to find out about the lack of funding for childhood cancer research. Using statistics and calling childhood cancer rate as a way to defend the lack of federal funding for research is not the American way. We declare that no child should be left behind and that should be in healthcare too. We shouldn’t continue to ignore that thousands of kids die each year and tens of thousands suffer because we have not made funding childhood cancer research a national priority . It’s not a matter of more money, there are already tens of billions of our tax dollars spent on research, it’s a matter of priorities. Our children should be a priority. We have dedicated ourselves to changing this picture for kids, to create awareness that will result in research funding to give our kids the pediatric drugs, treatments, protocols and cures they deserve. We aim for the day that when a child is diagnosed with cancer the doctor might say, the bad news is your child has cancer, the good news is we have a cure!