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Teresa Payne

omg. As I watched your video on facebook, I realized what great avenues Hyundai has gone. I have now realized what if, it were my grandchild, niece or nephew? What if it were my child? I would live in the deepest of despair. But, I would live in hope because Hyundai has given so much. But, no matter what one gives; there is always more needed. I pray every Doctor, every child finds that miracle. A child grows to love those that give hope, and Doctors fall in love with children. That in itself is a bond that lasts forever. I praise each of you, and am proud to say, you have given in times of hopelessness, you have sometimes won the fight. You all are true Heros and when you walk the halls of a hospital; remember you are a fast becoming a legend, in your craft.

With respect Teresa L. Payne