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Emmanuel Masabo

Hi, am Emmanuel Masabo from Tanzania, i here write this short message to both health attendants and those poor children who are suffering from cancer.From the bottom of my heart i real appreciates the work your doing of taking care of those children. The work your doing no one can ever pay you enough but i believe you will be paid one day. The love you share and the care you give to those who are suffering from pediatric cancer is the most important thing that no money can be enough to buy the love you give. I pray for you all so that you can have a long life. I may have nothing to give you but a hope that the little word to encourage you will help you go on doing your amazing work.
Dear lovely people with pediatric cancer hope your all doing fine, i say sorry for those who are not doing well hope your going to get better soon i pray for you. I might not be able to give you any thing but i will always pray for you so that you can get better, i beg you please, follow the instruction that your given by those who are taking care of you. Never forget that “we all share the pain as human being” I love you all
yours, Emmanuel Masabo from Tanzania.